Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So cute!

Yesterday, Peanut walked up to Bub and said "I haa keys." So, she got him a set of keys that don't work on anything anymore. He walked away. After a few minutes, he walked up to her again - this time with his shoes on - and said "I go to park. You get in big green truck." So, they did.

Last night, the boys and I were in the rocking chair relaxing and getting ready to go to sleep. I said "OK - I have Meatball's blanket. I have the pillow. I have Peanut's blanket...." at which point Meatball interrupted me and said "I have my moke (milk). I have my mommy. I have my Peanut." With that, we were ready to snuggle and go to sleep, (although I must say I was a bit bummed that I was trumped by the milk).