Friday, March 22, 2013

365 photo challenge - February

OK - so, I'm sure that some of you (two of the three) realized that this wouldn't actually be 365 photos of me, right? Yeah - It's totally not going to happen that way.

Feb 1 – Oh, I’m sure that I was doing something completely important on this day that prevented me from focusing on myself…

Feb 2 – Movie night on the mommy bed. Best dates in the world.

Feb 3 – This is one of three beers that I had for the Superbowl. Bub was sick – a common theme in our house since Christmas. There was no party – just the four of us doing nothing exciting.

Feb 4 – Reading “Life of Pi” on the bus ride home from work.

Feb 5 – So very done wearing that stupid boot on my foot. No, I have not received the OK to wear regular shoes, but it’s tomorrow. One day isn’t going to make much of a difference, right? My right foot is wrapped in a light bandage, but I’m being very careful to not bend it too much.

Feb 6 – And, the stitches are removed! It wasn’t my cool doctor, but it was his super fun nurse. She was a sweetie!

Feb 7-10 – who knows…

Feb 11 – No patience to do my hair. A hard ponytail is fine for who it’s for.

Feb 12 – Me on the bus. Geezus! Is my nose really that big?

Feb 13 – a little scabby, but healing nicely if you ask me.

Feb 14 – My Valentine present – a lovely pendant (and earrings) straight from the Wal*Mart jewelry counter!

Feb 15 – Oh my gawd. I look like a rainbow barfed on me. If you could also see my top, you would find that my PJ top is a black and green vertically striped shirt. I’m a beauty!

Feb 16 – I love these shoes.

Feb 17 – Look at me and my little snuggle bug!

Feb 18 – I’m sick. The flu, and it hit me like a semi truck. Yes – I’m being a bit dramatic.

Feb 19 – The aftermath of the face plant.

Feb 20 – It’s starting to get black!

Feb 21 – I look like a boxer.

Feb 22 – Obviously, I finally went to the doctor and got some antibiotics! Feeling much better!

Feb 25 – I’m still a bit bruised, but I had a fun weekend with family and friends and lots of snow.

Feb 26 – Meatball is sick. Here we are with his barf bucket.

Feb 27 – Perhaps I’m feeling a bit better about myself today? That doesn’t happen nearly enough lately.