Thursday, October 29, 2009

And, now - the pictures

I mentioned (six months ago) that we finally bought a digital camera that we like, but I couldn't get the software to download to my computer. Thanks to one of the smart computer geeks at work, I now have pictures. So, here starts the first of many posts showing the last six months in pictures.

Mom looks tired because, well, she is!

Meatball enjoying the chocolate chips the most

Peanut scoring a ghost cookie

Second sheet: Bats. This was followed by about five dozen more cookies because mommy forgot to halve the recipe.

We didn't really feel that ghosts needed symmetrical eyes. In fact, who couldn't see into the netherworld with four eyes located on various parts of the body?

Learning life skills

So, the other night when it was time to brush our teeth, I put the paste on the brushes (because they are more effective that way), put each boy on a stool (because it's fun to watch yourself make a mess on your own face), and left the bathroom (because I'm stupid).

From the other room (there was something very important happening on TV, I'm sure), I hear giggling, riotous laughter, and water. Oh, crap!!!!!

I rushed to the bathroom to find Peanut standing on the toilet with his hand under the rushing water - and I mean RIGHT under the water - you know, exactly where it exits the faucet and squirts everywhere when you push just so.... He has quickly mastered the skill of soaking the entire bathroom, but specifically of drenching his brother.

Meatball was completely wet and laughing his butt off. Then, he decided to try his luck and hopefully give Peanut a little pay back which would have been perfect - if only he were left handed, which he is not. So, when he reached up with his right hand, I knew exactly what was going to happen, but didn't bother to correct him or stifle my laughter when he squirted himself in the face instead of his intended target.

Oh, and don't think that this fun, new, squirty skill hasn't been used at every bath time since - because it definitely has!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Naw, I'm good.

The boys were helping me clean the plastic part of the car seats while the fabric covers were being washed. Meatball was sitting on one of the parts that Peanut wanted to clean, so Peanut said "Go potty!" while shoving Meatball in the back with both hands. Meatball just turned around and said "Naw, I'm good" and stayed put. It was hysterical, and we have no idea where he picked this up.

Now, every time I ask him something that he doesn't want to do, he replies with "I'm good."

Want to pee-pee potty?
Naw, I'm good.

Let's put on a jacket.
Hmmmm.... I'm good.

Will you please eat your dinner?
I'm good.