Monday, September 27, 2010

Relaxin' at the park

Mommy Bub had cat scratch fever*, so the boys and I went for a picnic and play time at the park. Peanut sucked down some "monkey yogurt" (which is completely overpriced and they LOVE) while Meatball laid in the grass and exclaimed "This is nice. I'm just relaxin'."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Peaches and peppers

Ah, autumn's beauty and bounty. And cheap prices!

I am a huge fan of Ranch* Marke+s. Not because I shop there, but because Wal-M*rt has to honor their prices as part of their price match guarantee. And Rancho's prices rock! Niiiice.

Add that to the farmer down the street with super fresh food and great prices, and you get a new batch of jalepeno (with serrano) pepper jelly, quarts of peaches, peach jam, and - my newest fave - peach sage jam!

But, I'm not done yet. More jalapeno/serrano jelly, spaghetti sauce, and either tomatillo salsa or chili verde - I haven't decided.

And, apple season hasn't even started yet! Our tree got hammered by some wind storms earlier this year, but our neighbor's apple trees are full (and he could care less).

If I could get Bubba and the Meatball to stop eating all of the plums, I would do something with them. I have carrots to harvest, too. Look for some of these orange jewels to be frozen as well as some carrot cake (of course) and more jam. I am in love with carrot jam! (And peach sage, and lemon balm, and apricot kiwi and ...)

Monday, September 13, 2010

identity crisis

Mommy: What is your whole name?
Peanut: Ben
Mommy: Your name is bigger than that. What is your whole name?
Peanut: Earth to Ben!

Mom has obviously had a hard time getting someone's attention!

hair color

Nana: What color is your hair?
Meatball: Brown
Nana: What color is Papa's hair?
Meatball (after a bit of contemplation): Away!

Friday, September 10, 2010

United Way Day 2010

My and 29 of my coworkers got together earlier this week to do some good deeds (school grounds clean up) for United Way Day. Here are my friends from Client Relations (left to right): Roland, Jody, Brandon, Lish, JoElla, and me.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Isn't this almost the cutest thing EVER?

Yes - so cute that it surpasses butterflies, unicorns, and trees that sprinkle glitter when the wind blows.
No - not so cute that is could ever surpass baby toes, anything that a 3-year old says, or old people holding hands. I said "almost" the cutest thing ever, not a greeting card moment!
TOTALLY cuter than anything in my wardrobe, my wife in the morning, and my feet after a marathon.

Well, you get the picture.

For purposes of scale, note the pen. It's just a regular pen.
Yes - the hamburger meal that you see is really a dessert. Sugar cookie fries (from scratch, no less), frosting fry sauce (which only makes sense to Utahns), and a mini-muffin/brownie burger. FYI - it was as tasty as it looks.

50 of these were made by my friend Jolene-the-wonder-woman who is also in the MBA program with me, is also a mom and wife, and also works full-time. The difference is that she takes the time (six hours - WITH help) to do really great things for her friends on their birthdays. I have a hard time remembering to FB my heartfelt (?) birthday wishes to them, and that's WITH the FB reminder!!!!!

I am, however, determined to make these next year for the boys' birthday. I will be the coolest mom on the block. (I would have been the coolest mom in the world if Jolene hand't gotten to this before me.....)