Thursday, July 29, 2010

And, THIS is why Funniest Home Videos is now banned in our home

Because I know two little boys who think that slamming the other person's face into the top of a cake (or pie, or pudding, or yogurt, or anything messy - yes, even pancakes with syrup) is hysterical.

Now, in all actuality, it is pretty silly. It's quite funny unless it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SIT DOWN. Then, it's just messy. They giggle like they have just sniffed some serious laughing gas, but mommy is getting tired of it.

And, since mommies don't push each other's faces into plates of food (although, it does hold a certain appeal), I know that they didn't get this from us. Nana generally forbids all dessert-type items, so I'm sure that Papa didn't teach them this one (but peeing on trees was all him). I'm absolutely POSITIVE that Grandma and Grandpa did NOT bring this about because, well, they just didn't.

Curses to you, Tom Bergeron! Curses!!!!!

There is no originality in rural Utah

I know, DUH!

We went to a 24th of July parade last weekend in central Utah. It would have been fun if the firetruck sirens and the drums of the band hadn't scared the bee-jeebees out of the Meatball.

But anyway...

Along come the NSH Cheerleaders. Oooo, yay, right? I'm telling the boys to watch them and they will do something cool with their arms or legs or something. Then, the cheer starts (with only clapping, no cool acrobatic movements or even SPIRIT hands!).

[clap, clap]
"Don't take no - UH! - jive"
[clap, clap]
"We are alive"
(repeat as necessary)

Really? I mean, REALLY? Seriously, REALLY!?!?!?!?!?!
Do you know how long I've been out of high school? 22 years. Yes, 22 years, which should be obvious given my crow's feet and gray hair. The cheerleaders were doing this same cheer 22 years ago. (Although, to be fair, they said UMPH instead of UH, and their arms WERE flailing about - synchronized flailing, of course....)

WORSE YET: When I was a little lass about the village, I took cheerleading "lessons" for a few summers as part of the cheer squad's annual fundraising efforts. WE LEARNED THAT SAME CHEER BACK THEN!!!!!!!! So, for 32 years (and probably longer given that the term "jive" originated in popular culture when I was about 2 years old), the NSH cheer squad has been chanting the same tired verse.

What's next?
"Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar"
"All for the Hawks, stand up and holler"
Woooo (insert SPIRIT hands, here)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I got 3 words for ya!

Yup. Finally. Both boys "held it" all night.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sadly, I haven't had time to attend properly to my cherry tree. It's full of fruit, but it's all past its prime. I did manage to get three pints of cherry jam and three pints of cherry-peach jam put up, but no plain cherries for pies later in the year. :(
NEXT year, I'll totally be on top of it! (Or, mired in the middle of my last project for my MBA. I guess we'll see.....)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dinner decisions

On the way home last night I asked the boys what they wanted for dinner.
Meatball: pancakes
Peanut: macanories (macaroni)
They were insistent. Pancakes and macanories. I still gag when I repeat that particular combination. I mean YUCK!
But, I did it. They got what they wanted. In my defense, the pancakes were whole wheat with walnuts, and I did add a veggie (sweet potatoes) and some apple sauce. Double gag. The pancakes were even topped with homemade pear jam. It was a culinary disaster, and they ate every bite.

Bub and I had leftovers of fish and pasta.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wheels on the Bus - New Verse

Yesterday, Peanut was singing The Wheels on th Bus. Here's the most recent verse:

The Sammys on the bus say "Give me that, give me that, give me that."

Perhaps we have a sharing problem.....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

you can't always get what you want

Meatball (holding two sandbox shovels): Mom, which shubble do you want?
Me: Hmmmm... The yellow one.
Meatball: No.
Me: OK, the orange one.
Meatball: No.