Monday, January 21, 2008

Is the water warm enough?

So, here's the thing: I love to ramble on and on and on. I love to talk about the boys and show their pictures to everyone that asks. I love to tell people what a wonderful wife I have. All of that said, I'm a walking contradiction because I have a hard time sharing information. I don't want to over-burden anybody with mind-numbing stories, and I don't typically divulge much information about me. (Notice, I mentioned talking about the boys and Bub, but not me so much.)

So, I've been toying with this whole blog idea for over a year. I've finally broken down and decided to give it "the old college try." (What does that mean, anyway?)

If I find that the water isn't actually warm enough (I despise cold water), I'll stop. If it's just right, I'll likely wear the keyboard out. If it's too hot, I'll probably get a bit hot, too.

I do hope to have shared experiences. I hope that what we've encountered as a couple, as lesbians trying to make a family, as mommies who sometimes haven't a clue, as two citizens fighting for their rights, will sound familiar to somebody else. I hope to learn as we go. I hope to improve as I learn. I hope that this blog will help me grow and share.

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ECand3 said...

Hey! Glad you visited us, so I thought I'd reciprocate.
I responded to this 1st post you made b/c it was the last one I read. I get what you mean about sharing. I was reluctant at 1st, but as you can see, I am an addict and post as many pix as I can.
Your story is familiar and we are just 2 of so many here in blogland. It's comforting.
If you ever get comfortable with it, I'm sure we'd all LOVE to see pix of your 2 little men. In the meantime, I'll post as many pi of the beach as I can take.