Thursday, December 11, 2008

I did it, Hon!

Grandma refers to Grandpa as Hon or Honey all of the time. So, it's no surprise - but a real crack up - that Meatball walks around the house calling out to "Hon" constantly.

Both of them are always excited about zipping up their own PJs, and after the first couple of successful tries, I would exclaim "You did it!" Now, no matter what Peanut does, if it goes the way he wants he shouts "I did it!"

Bub is teaching Meatball to say "seriously, dude" which is a riot.

And, since we are so concerned about Peanut gaining weight, we put him on the scale 3-4x/week. He knows to stomp on it to activate it, waits until the number stops flashing, and then steps on and waits until the reading stabilizes. Then, he points to the numbers and says them "2-3, 2-3" just like we do when we are so excited that he hasn't dropped back to 22. (It was a sincere struggle to get him to add that entire pound!)

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