Monday, June 28, 2010


When we walk the dogs, the destruction (Sadie) is leashed because she is still too young and untrained to be off-leash. [Did I mention that we have this new family member? Well, we do. More on that later, I suppose.] The angel (Lizzy) runs free because she is the best dog EVER.

At the end of our walk the other night, Lizzy was up the driveway, and we were all still moseying along since 3-year-old legs don't walk really fast and there are lots of ants to look at which slows us down quite a bit. Anyhooooo,
Me: Look at that! Lizzy is already home and wondering why we are such slow pokes!
Meatball: Yeah. She's a fast poke!

I full-on cracked up.

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