Thursday, July 29, 2010

And, THIS is why Funniest Home Videos is now banned in our home

Because I know two little boys who think that slamming the other person's face into the top of a cake (or pie, or pudding, or yogurt, or anything messy - yes, even pancakes with syrup) is hysterical.

Now, in all actuality, it is pretty silly. It's quite funny unless it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SIT DOWN. Then, it's just messy. They giggle like they have just sniffed some serious laughing gas, but mommy is getting tired of it.

And, since mommies don't push each other's faces into plates of food (although, it does hold a certain appeal), I know that they didn't get this from us. Nana generally forbids all dessert-type items, so I'm sure that Papa didn't teach them this one (but peeing on trees was all him). I'm absolutely POSITIVE that Grandma and Grandpa did NOT bring this about because, well, they just didn't.

Curses to you, Tom Bergeron! Curses!!!!!

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