Monday, September 20, 2010

Peaches and peppers

Ah, autumn's beauty and bounty. And cheap prices!

I am a huge fan of Ranch* Marke+s. Not because I shop there, but because Wal-M*rt has to honor their prices as part of their price match guarantee. And Rancho's prices rock! Niiiice.

Add that to the farmer down the street with super fresh food and great prices, and you get a new batch of jalepeno (with serrano) pepper jelly, quarts of peaches, peach jam, and - my newest fave - peach sage jam!

But, I'm not done yet. More jalapeno/serrano jelly, spaghetti sauce, and either tomatillo salsa or chili verde - I haven't decided.

And, apple season hasn't even started yet! Our tree got hammered by some wind storms earlier this year, but our neighbor's apple trees are full (and he could care less).

If I could get Bubba and the Meatball to stop eating all of the plums, I would do something with them. I have carrots to harvest, too. Look for some of these orange jewels to be frozen as well as some carrot cake (of course) and more jam. I am in love with carrot jam! (And peach sage, and lemon balm, and apricot kiwi and ...)

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