Thursday, June 30, 2011

So sweet...

Meatball is on a kick lately where he tells me that his dad lives at his green house, and his moms live at our white house. Yeah, yeah, yeah - and then I say "You know that you have no dads; you only have two moms. Right?" And he responds with a "yes."

So we were going through this at dinner last night. After the typical exchange, he said "But, I DO have Papa and Grandpa. They are dads."

Me: "Whose dad is Papa?"
Meatball: "He is your dad."
Me: "Whose dad is Grandpa?"
Meatball: "Mommy Kel's, and Granny is her mom."
Me: "That's right."
Meatball: "But who is your mommy?"
Me: "Her name was Arlene. Remember? We talked about her before. She is not here anymore."
Peanut chimes in: "Where is she?"
Me: "She died, honey. That means that she had to go away, and she cannot come back."
Meatball: "You should tell her to come back."
Me: "I can't. I can't talk to her anymore."
Peanut: "She can't come back ever?"
Me: "No, not ever. Sorry honey."
Peanut: "Not even if we sprinkle some magic dust for her?"

Man, I wish it was that easy. It was so sweet, but so sad at the same time. Mom would have been 70 this year. She would have just loved the boys...

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