Tuesday, August 16, 2011

But, we've been having FUN!

Here's a mish-mash of stuff we've been up to in the past couple of weeks:

Stockton Days:
It's the highlight of the year for the little city of Stockton. Really, though? It's probably not big enough to be called a city. Village? Hamlet? Whatever. They put on a big day in the park. Dutch oven cook-off, demonstrations by the fire department, food from the local cafe, talent (or not) show, inflatable sumo-wrestling outfits, games, and bounce houses. There might just be more bounce houses than there are kids in the entire hamlet! This year, one of them had a water slide. We played in it for two hours.

Non-stop, this one. He couldn't get to the top of the slide fast enough!

He was going down the side of the slide so that he wouldn't land in the big 2' pool of water at the bottom. Why? I dunno. He was already soaking wet, and he had to go through the pool to get out....

In the summer, the main floor of our house is sweltering. (No, we still don't have central air.) So, we hide out in the basement in the evenings and watch movies. These pictures suck, but what do you expect from a phone camera in a dark basement?

One afternoon at the beginning of the month, we were killing time in Salt Lake and decided to paddle around the pond in Liberty Park. It took almost a year, but it's been cleaned up nicely since the oil leak; it didn't even stink much. There were plenty of ducks and geese paddling around with us.

No, Meatball isn't as scared as he appears here. He's having fun - you just can't tell.

See? I told you he was having fun.

And, no - mommies weren't required to wear vests because the water at its deepest point would only ever come up to our armpits.

Can I just say how much fun I've been having since finishing up my MBA?

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