Sunday, December 29, 2013


Being twins has its advantages, but there are times when it would be nice if everything would happen on the same schedule. Tooth fairy visits are one of those things.

The first two bottom teeth for each of the boys fell out at almost the exact same times. This was fun and exciting and there was a bunch of energy packed into one week. How can you not be energized when the tooth fairy leaves you $2 and a big box of candy (I know – not the right message to send)?

Then, Meatball kept losing teeth, but Peanut didn’t. Poor Peanut. He was so sad. Here’s Meatball losing four more teeth on a semi-regular basis, and Peanut’s teeth weren’t budging. At all.

When Meatball lost #3, he felt so bad for Peanut that he shared. We expected him to share his candy. In fact, we probably would have insisted that he do so. But, he also shared his money. They split it 50/50. I was at work when all of this happened, but Bub called to let me know. She was so proud of him sharing. I was, too. I even cried a little bit. He also shared money and candy when he lost #4, #5, and #6. What a sweet guy, right?

Here, Meatball loses another tooth, while Peanut does not.
Well, Peanut FINALLY lost #3. Oh, there was excitement. He worked it and worked it, and it finally came out. Meatball congratulated him, and they ran through the house to let Bub know. Woo-hoo! Yippee!

And, then, it happened:

“Hey, remember when I lost my teeth and shared my candy and money with you?”
(I’m proud to report that Peanut did, indeed, share candy and money 50/50.)

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