Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Florida, 2013 - Pre-trip

It has been over a year – literally – since we went to Florida. I just haven’t had the umph to share it, or anything, here. I don’t know why. So, here goes – in parts – a bit at a time.

As with EVERYTHING else, we were on a tight budget. We knew that it was going to be “interesting” to do all of the things that we wanted to do. That left us stressed and sad. We wanted to have a GREAT vacation for our kids. We wanted to do EVERYTHING, but we knew that we couldn’t. That part sucked. We had a few conversations with the boys, but mostly we had “conversations” with each other. Yes, conversations in quotes. Married people know that this means fight. Bub was against it for a long time because we didn’t have the money, but I was hell-frickin-bent on giving my boys Disney before they were too old to find magic in it. We got the absolute cheapest flight on an airline that I had really not heard of much, we knew that we would have to sit through multiple time share presentations so that we could stay in decent hotels for a cheaper price. We knew that we would be making PB&Js instead of eating out for every meal.

We told the boys that if they wanted to buy things, they would need to take some of their own money to do it. Now, this isn’t being mean. This is teaching them that money doesn’t grow on trees and that people need to work hard to have nice things. Here they are selling lemonade and cookies during our yard sale. (The yard sale was a complete flop, but the boys sold almost all of their cookies and drinks thanks to mommy’s FB account!)
But, spoiler alert, it all worked out in the end.

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