Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Florida 2014, Part 4: Day off at the beach

Bub and I had really wanted to go back to the Tampa area to a small fishing town to spend the day fiddling around. But, the long commute and the tired little people made us decide that it just wasn’t worth it. We lounged around in the morning and took our clothes to the laundromat. (Yes. We had to wash our clothes. That’s because we took ONE suitcase for a 10 day trip and 4 people. I wasn’t about to pay for more bags!)

After doing the laundry, we headed to Hard Rock at Universal for lunch. The boys LOVED it. Well, so did the moms. We were seated near some Prince, Madonna, and Aerosmith stuff. So cool. Afterwards, we took our time getting back to the car because – well – water!
Then, we headed east to New Smyrna Beach to just spend a few hours playing. We picnicked on the beach. We checked out a sand crab, we played in the waves. It was wonderful. I love that place.

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