Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye, 2014

For the 365th day of the year, we are staying in – as usual. Nothing too exciting. However, I have started what I hope will become a tradition. We have some crepe paper, but it’s the balloon that should be fun. There are four balloons of each color, but only one of each color has a message inside. We all pick a balloon on each hour starting at 6pm, pop it, and someone reads the message.

First: Call Papa and Nana and wish them happy new year.

Second: Call Granny and Grandpa and wish them happy new year.

Third: Pick two songs to dance to. (This one fell by the wayside. Nobody danced…)

Fourth: Name two goals for 2015:
Peanut: Make the biggest Minecraft griefs, trolls, and raids, and give extra love.
Meatball: Give the most love to all of the people that I adore, and to get the greatest jobs.
Bub: To be nicer and not so crabby, and to have more patience
Me: To stop yelling, and to show more love to my wife and kids

Fifth: Name one place in the western USA that you would like to visit in 2015:
Meatball: California
Peanut: Montana (this came out of nowhere!)
Me: Nevada (because we will be going through it to get to and from Cali)
Bub: San Francisco
I have some serious planning to do! I can totally make these two trips happen!

Sixth: Tell one adventure or cool thing you would like to do in 2015:
Peanut: Go from Utah to New Mexico and back. (Again, left field)
Me: Carlsbad Caverns (because we’re already going to California)
Bub: Go bowling
Meatball: (after much hemming and hawing) Do something unexpected. (I think he was tired…)

Looks like it's going to be a fun year!

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