Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So much is happening and there is so much to post about, but there just isn't enough time! I can say this: I love my employer and the flexibility that they are allowing me right now. My schedule has been adjusted to something resembling (4)9s and (1)4, but it's never exact. I have a laptop from which I'm allowed to (and sometimes expected to) work from home. On my short day, I work while the boys nap and almost every night, I work after they go to sleep and the house is cleaned up. Yes, this means that I usually log on after 9:30pm for just an hour or so, but it's helping me stay on top of my project.

I guess after almost 18 years at the same company, you wouldn't expect me to say anything other than "I love this place," but it's true. It's a great company that helps other businesses make a difference in the lives of their employees. We practice what we preach, we do nice things for our community, and we treat our employees well (I'm proof).

So, I have lots to blog, but the boys are asleep, and I can get in some good testing, so - I'm off to work, and proud to do so.

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