Tuesday, February 3, 2009

working from home (or at least, trying to)

I'll be logging in to work in just a matter of minutes. My boss is incredibly great (as all of my bosses have been) and allows me to work from home some afternoons when one of our child care technicians (in this case, Papa) needs to go to work at noon. So, I usually pick the boys up, and they are fast asleep in the time it takes to drive the seven miles home. Playing with Papa really wipes a guy out!

But, not today. Today, I sit with my computer listening to two little people in the next room jump in their cribs, yell "yeah!", count to ten and then yell "yeah!", make spitty, raspberry noises, and giggle hysterically. Wait, I think that someone is now kissing a stuffed gorilla.... mmmmm-mwah!

I keep thinking that they will get tired and fall asleep, but it doesn't seem to be happening very quickly; I wonder if it will at all!

So, as I power up the laptop and prepare to get all process-oriented and testing prepared, I am also giggling and thanking the universe that they have each other - to laugh with, to play with, to wrestle with, to fight with, and to ultimately love. They are lucky boys, and we are very lucky moms.

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