Saturday, January 31, 2009

Take your f-ing converter box and.....

Seriously - does this stupid switch to digital really need to be so damn irritating? Does it REALLY require an entirely new box to be stacked on top of the myriad of boxes that we all already have? No - we don't have satellite or cable right now. No - we're not going to get it any time soon. So, we have this retarded converter box that will not show us the menu. It automatically chose our new stations, but ALL WE GET IS THREE VERSIONS OF PBS!!! Now, since the menu won't appear, we cannot try to manually add other stations. The customer service version of help: unplug your TV for 30 minutes. Are you freaking kidding me?

We are a nation of people who have created a "telephone" that take/stores pictures, accesses the web, has a gps, calculator, tip calculator, stop watch, downloads music and video, games, has calendars, auto-birthday reminders, and allows you to talk to other people, too. It basically stops short of wiping your butt for you. However, we cannot create some simple and easy little DIGITAL ANTENNAE to just plug into our existing boxes? We really MUST have another box and even more friggin cables?

Really, people. It can't be that hard. There MUST be people smarter them little 'ol me working at these places. None of THEM could come up with the idea of a simple, little, tiny device? Puh-lease.

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