Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We had a little styrofoam cooler sitting on the kitchen table. It was from 7-11, so it had a design and words written on it. Peanut walked over and started identifying the letters, which he does with everything he sees. I was doing the dishes and I watched him as he named the letters, C – O – O – L – E – R. Then, he said “caller.” There you have it. Reading! OK – so he didn’t get the sound exactly right, but I personally think that “caller” sounds a LOT like “cooler” and that he is a friggin’ genius. AND, neither “cooler” nor “caller” are part of our reading videos. He just came up with this one on his own.

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Isabelle said...

Brilliant!! (and hey - cooler / caller - he could have a Utah accent going!)