Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Can Jam

In January, I made orange marmalade for the first time ever as part of Can Jam (see Tigress in a Jam). The featured food was anything citrus, and we had a bunch of oranges thanks to Malcom. It was fun, and it tastes really good. I'll be making marmalade every winter (when citrus is in season).

So, I was surprised when the featured food for canning in February was carrots. They aren't in season, and since the rules are only water bath canners (no pressure cookers), everyone needs to find a recipe with plenty of acid. I'm guessing that most people will make some sort of relish because of the vinegar used. I made CARROT JAM. The acidity comes from juice and peel from three lemons. The recipe is from my Blue Book and makes a small amount (which is good since I didn't want to have a lot in case it sucked). I made four 1/2 pints. And it's GOOD!

Really wondering what March's featured food will be.....

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Lish said...

You will have to tell me what it tastes like and what you can use them in. HHHHMMMM Sounds interesting.