Thursday, February 18, 2010

Learning to be sneaky

The boys and I made sugar cookies for Valentines day. Together, we mixed the dough which was hard because the boys were all over the place. The only thing that they were for sure interested in was the cracking of the eggs. Just to be very clear here, this means that they smack the egg on the counter and then crush it into the bowl leaving mommy to fish out the shell bits.

Then, the dough had to cool in the fridge for a couple of hours which coincided nicely with nap time. I decided to cut and bake the cookies during nap time because although they like to cut them out, this time we were frosting them, too, and frosting would be way more exciting than cutting them out.

So, I cut out about FIVE DOZEN hearts. I really need to remember to cut this recipe in half.

After nap time, I mixed up some red frosting and we got busy - shirtless. Slathering the frosting was loads of fun, and messy. Then, we got busy with the sprinkles. Grandma provided lots of them, and many of the cookies had a big mound of sprinkles atop.

After frosting about half of them, we decided to deliver some to the neighbors since there were so many! We dropped some off for Malcolm, the Shields', and the Nash's. Then, we got a plate together for Papa and Nana. Bub was tired and still feeling under the weather (after being sick for the entire week before), so she stayed home. The three of us loaded into the car to deliver cookies. Bub called ahead so that we would have a chance to be sneaky.

All the way to Papa's house, I talked to the boys about how to do this secret Valentine thing.
We'll be quiet and sneaky and tip toe up to the door.
Then, we'll put the cookies down.
Then, we'll knock on the door.
And then we'll run really fast and hide.
Over and over. And then I would ask them what we were going to do, and they mostly got it right.

So, we pulled up and I got Meatball out of the car first. We tip toed around to Peanut's side and got him out of the car. Peanut's first "sneaky" maneuver was to say at the top of his lungs "Mommy, do you hear that dog barking?" I had to remind him that we were being sneaky. He didn't really care.

We opened up the gate and tip toed all the way to the door identifying a hiding place along the way. Watching a 2-year old tip toe is hysterical.

I placed the cookies at the door step, and we knocked on the door. First, Peanut knocked. Oh sure. NOW he wants to be quiet! Hell, I had my head by his hand and couldn't hear the knock. So, I finally pounded on the door, and we ran as fast as we could to our hiding place.

Papa came to the door and made a big deal out of it. He quickly found us because, well, our hiding place wasn't all that great, but we giggled while waiting for Papa to catch us.

Then, we went inside and played with Nana and Papa for about 30 minutes. We shared some cookies. We drew pictures. We marched around and tooted party horns. It was pretty fun.

A couple of days later, the boys were spending the morning with Papa while Bub went to a doctor appointment. One of those cookies managed to get stuck, frosting first, to the flat screen TV thanks to Peanut.

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