Friday, August 6, 2010

First baseball game

Thanks to Nana, we got to go to a baseball game for free last night. The boys were looking forward to it because Bubba and I had been talking it up for a week. We got there early so that I could go and say hi to some old friends.

Then, we found the balloon lady who made some blow up swords. Then, we got hot dogs and soft pretzels, fries, and a cheeseburger. THEN, the snowcone guy walked past our seats. Finally, the cotton candy girl was in the area. It was a junk food extravaganza. And, the boys had a blast. (Here we are eating our very first cotton candy. Mommies wouldn't allow it until now, and will reconsider it in the future!)

We only lasted through the 3rd inning because the Peanut hadn't napped all day, but we did manage to see Bumble, ride the train (while giving high-fives to people on the sidewalk), and wash our hands a million times in the echo-y stadium bathrooms (screams echo really well in there!).

It was a fun night.

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