Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm over the hill

If 40 was the hill, then I've crested it and I'm headed down the other side. No skinnier, no wealthier, but there sure is a lot more love! My birthday was wonderful. I had to work, of course. My birthday never seems to fall on a weekend whereas Bub's always seems to. (Very irritating.) After my 7-mile run, I got a phone call from home. It was much earlier than Bub ever calls me, so I thought that something was wrong - totally forgetting that it was my birthday. Instead, it was the boys calling to sing to me which made me cry. They sounded so sweet. It was great.

Then, after a day of well-wishing co-workers, I headed home. As soon as I walked in the door, the boys jumped out of their hiding space and screamed "Happy Birthday" and "Surprise" about 15 times while dancing around like little crazy people. They were so excited. I couldn't help but laugh. There was a vase of tulips from the garden, and a card that they had made themselves. (Very impressive.) I showed them the "snuggly, cuddly" blanket that Carol B. had made for me, and they wanted to try it out immediately. So, we sat on the couch under the "snuggly, cuddly" blanket for about 15 minutes - hiding under it, sitting close, giggling, whatever. And, then I heard about the "snuggly, cuddly" blanket all night long from Peanut.

We then had dinner - pancakes since the boys chose what to eat. They were topped with a fresh strawberry puree and were pretty darn tasty! It reminded me of the strawberry shortcake that my mom always made for my birthday when I was in high school. (Awww... Tugging at heart strings) Then, there were pictures - with the phone camera since I STILL can't find the digital, (Grrrr....) and then a bath for me.

We finished up the night with finger painting, our own versino of Dancing with the Stars, playing with the bird characters from the movie Rio, crashing some trains, brushing teeth, and story time where I was falling asleep while telling the stories! (Must have been the "snuggly, cuddly" blanket we were under.)

It was a great night.

(Doesn't she have pretty eyes? And, I look tired. Proof that I'm over the hill.)


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