Sunday, May 1, 2011

and then, one more thing

So, I was up at 4:15 in order to go for a 17 mile run this morning. I had to get something in my stomach and wait around for my digestive system to wake up because there is nothing more uncomfortable than being on a run when THAT happens. So, anyway, I'm reading a book (fiction - great change from all the business crap I have to read all semester), and the furnace makes an awful sound before refusing to work altogether AGAIN. I switched it on, off, on, off to no avail. Anyone that knows my past in South Salt Lake will know how I feel about fire, so I COULD NOT leave the house, long run be damned.

A different part is now broken. Of course. So, I made Bub call the furnace people since she has been making all of the arrangements so far, and they are going to fix it again. What we really need is a new furnace (obviously).

Then, as I was taking a bath, I remembered that both dogs need shots, and Sadie needs to be spayed.

Then, I had myself a little feeling-sorry-for-myself cry-fest for about five minutes.

It's making day #5 with no sugar a bit harder. I'm still starting meat-free May today. Shit. Why not? Maybe the good karma of not eating anything with a mother will come back to me in a decent way.

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