Monday, July 25, 2011

fun walk

We were going to hike to the "T" again, but it was sprinkling a bit, and I'm not going to be stuck on a mountainside in a rainstorm that could have lightening (and every rain in Utah in July could bring lightening). So, instead, we headed out to a flat section of groomed trail between Tooele and Grantsville. It was pretty unexciting scenery. However, we still managed to have fun. In addition to finding a couple of old railroad spikes, we loved the echo tunnel.

Then there were these horses. They were literally following us. We would walk, and they would watch us. When we were about 50 feet past them, they would walk past us as a group. Then, they would watch us as we continued to walk, and then they would do it again. When stopped, they weren't eating or anything. They would just stand in a line and look at us. It was really funny because almost every single one of them had a star, stripe, and snip (although you can't see it very well here):

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