Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gooooooooo, Real Salt Lake!!!

The boys are playing soccer with TC United. We're on one of the Grantsville teams, but that doesn't really matter. We just wanted them to have an opportunity to interact with new kids, run around, and listen to someone other than the regular adults in their lives.

I like our coach. He hadn't planned to be a coach, but if he hadn't stepped up, there wouldn't have been a team at all. (I totally would have done it, but we were late to sign up. Oh, and I know nothing about soccer. But other than that....) TC United is very well organized, and I am impressed with them so far. Our coach doesn't focus on the rules of the game or positions or anything. Honestly, there are eight 4-5 year olds. I think that he is doing great if the kids are just staying on the field!

Anyway, the local professional soccer team (Real Salt Lake, which is pretty dang good) allows the youth teams to come to the game for free one time per season, so we recently attended along with a bunch of other Tooele County players. Bub and I had a great time because it was really quite exciting, and the night was beautiful. (The pictures don't do the sunset justice.)

The boys really enjoyed themselves because we got to ride the train, AND we caved in and bought them blue cotton candy.

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