Thursday, September 22, 2011

String of names - whats the draw?

Bub and I both watched the 10th anniversary 9/11 memorial programs on and off for the whole day. When the boys napped, we were glued to the TV. When they were awake, we censored what came on.

Early in the day, she was watching the ceremony at Ground Zero as the victims' names were read. For some reason, this really had an impact on Peanut who still recites his own names at least once per day, 11 days later.
James Shurter
Thomas Clandon
Molly Magger
And my uncle, Gordon Stanley
Yes, the first names are all Thomas the Train characters, and the surnames are all made up and usually mumbled, but he recites some version of this every day.


When I graduated from Westminster earlier this year, the boys attended a couple of different ceremonies. After each and for weeks later, Meatball would do something similar to what I've just described Peanut doing. However, since he is not obsessed with any particular toy, both names are a bit unintelligible until the end. Oh yeah - he also adds titles:
Gurshen Polling, MBA
Janna Reggish, MBA
Clim Thadoll, MBA
Kaye Beeny, MBA (and then he claps and cheers)


What's the deal with the stream of names? Why would something like that stick with them? Interesting.

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