Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My hearts

When shopping for my Christmas presents, Bubba was very thoughtful, and she worked with the boys to find something special for me from each of them. I will admit, my shopping trip with them was not nearly as well planned or thoughtful when it came to getting her a gift. She has always been better at that sort of thing. I am far too driven and goal oriented to be romantic or focused on feelings. And, I hate shopping. Get in. Buy. Get out. At Christmas? Do those things, but faster than usual. Well, anyway, enough about me and my shortcomings. (Why do I insist on sharing this stuff about me? You're supposed to think that I can walk on water! I can, by the way. I did it just this morning on my 5-mile run as there were quite a few icy patches on the sidewalk....)

She took the boys to the store and they really, honestly looked for something meaningful, and yet inexpensive since we are such a tight budget. Bub had one of the boys while Granny had the other boy. They came to the jewelry area at separate times but still within a couple of minutes of each other.

When Bub and Peanut reached the counter, Peanut saw a little heart shaped pendant and immediately proclaimed that he wanted to give it to me because, well, he's convinced that he's going to marry me someday. (Insert a bunch of "awwwww's" and grown women getting all melty-hearts here.)

Two minutes later, Granny and Meatball arrived at the same counter and he promptly identified the same pendant as his gift to me because it's beautiful - just like me. (Again with the melty hearts, but now insert teary eyes, too, right?)

My boys. Literally, my hearts.

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