Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cali - Day 11 - this is going to be FUN, right? (Spoiler - no.) Day 12 - home...

So, like most of the vacation, I got up before everyone so that I could get a good run in. I planned this specifically for the parking lot and the fact that we were right by the Castro District. THE GAY MOTHER SHIP!
Oh my gawd. I could spend an entire week in Castro alone!

EVERYTHING was gay! Iconic pictures, rainbows everywhere (including The Gap, aka Gay Gap), The Sound of Music sing-along at a local theater. It was awesome! I wish the boys and Bub were runners (or even walking sightseers) because this was fantastic. I (mostly) ran up a very steep hill, and then flew back down it. If I lived in San Fran, I would have buns of steel, for sure!
Check it out - they even have the gay version of the Hollywood walk of fame, but ours is more historical and much nicer. No trashy strip malls, no disgusting vape shops or cheap liquor stores. Nope - the gays keep their walk of fame nice and spiffy!

After my run, I returned to the hotel prepared to shower and hit the town. We had planned a harbor cruise, more Chinatown, Japantown, the big ships museum, the aquarium, and Fisherman's Wharf.
Instead, I was informed that Meatball felt sick, and Bub had a screaming headache.
This hotel was NOT fancy by any means, and I wasn't about to spend a day in it waiting for people to get better, so we called it a trip and checked out early.

Sadly, we headed home.....

We stopped at the Donner Pass museum. I found it fascinating, and like usual, everyone else found it boring as crap.

After lunch, we pressed onward to Winnemucca where the first thing that greets you as you exit the freeway is the local cemetery.
Well, at least our hotel here was nice. But, it didn't have an elevator. Weird - and inconvenient when you're on the second floor.

Day 12 - this was the least exciting part of the trip. THIS is why people fly to San Fran instead of drive. Holy BORING!
Imagine driving to Wendover from Tooele, but for 1000 years. That's the drive from Winnemucca to home.

I would totally do this again.
It was a lot of driving, and it was a lot of bellyaching from the back seat, and it was actually a lot of bellyaching from the front seat, too.
But it was fantastic.

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