Monday, February 4, 2008

So, how did we get from there to here?

Bub agreed to having a child, but we weren't ready yet. There was too much fun to be had to settle down! Then, a few years later, she changed her mind. Of course, I was emotionally invested enough that I couldn't just walk away, so I decided that I could live without this dream. After all, I had done fine to that point.... Besides, no kids = late nights, expensive dinners, travel to exotic places, right?

Well, after bringing up the subject numerous times over the years, I just couldn't take it anymore. In 2006, I basically delivered an ultimatum: "I'm doing this - with or without you." Thankfully, Bub decided to stick with me.

It was a hard decision for her. Very hard. I was 36, she was almost 44. We weren't financially stable (still aren't). We were struggling through some difficult times, and our relationship was strained. Hard decision or not, I knew that she was the person that I wanted to raise a family with. I realize everyday how lucky I am that she made this decision.

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