Saturday, February 23, 2008

So, we consider a perilous journey

Perilous? Well, that’s a loaded claim! After all, people have babies every day. It’s actually rather unremarkable in our neck of the woods where we have the highest birth rate in the nation. How can our journey be so difficult, so frightening, so treacherous that is seems wrought with peril at every turn?

Well, you see, because it’s happening to US. We have nieces and nephews, so we’re aware of what happened to our family members. We have friends who have been through very similar situations, and we sympathized with their struggles. We’ve seen the ups and the downs. We’re not completely without brains, but the world is another place when these experiences are happening to US!

Oh, one more thing…. While friends with good intentions tried to prepare us, their warnings were woefully inadequate. To these friends, we say, “Thanks, anyway!”

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