Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Fishing Trip with the boys

We took a day trip to fish with Papa, Nana, cousin Billy, and Uncle Jake. We went up Fairview Canyon to Gooseberry and Huntington Reservoirs.

So, along with every other part of our lives that now takes 2x longer to do, packing for a day fishing trip took forever:

We were too tired and busy the night before to get everything ready, so at 5am I was cleaning toys out of the outside play pen. As I was walking up the cement garage steps with toy laden arms, the toe of MY flipflop caught the step and I fell UP the steps. I blame this directly on Bubba (not my inability to walk because I'm as graceful as a ballerina) because if her big 'ol sasquatch feet hadn't stretched out my flipflops, this never would have happened. I was certain that I had broken my toe, but it's likely just sprained. So, there go my plans of not running the 10K@10K race this weekend. (Again, not because I haven't properly trained or something. It's good to have someone else to blame for this latest batch of running inactivity.) I also skinned both sides of my elbow (how???) and bruised my upper arm. I guess I'm happy that I still have teeth! And, I managed to only drop two toys.

The baby stuff (play pen, diaper bag, food bag, toys, books) take up more room than even Bubba's six clothing changes that go everywhere with us.

We made SIX stops before getting to the first fishing hole (WalMart for food, Maverick for gas, Home Depot for an umbrella that they didn't have, Smiths for beer [since it was too early for WalMart to sell it] and an umbrella, Subway for more food, and Conoco for a potty break and a hot dog [barf]).

Upon arriving at the reservoir, I made at least five trips to the car to get everything for the boys plus another trip to get my book. Add sunscreen, bug spray and umbrella stabilization in the wind, and I read about three paragraphs.

Bub caught five fish in the first hour. Papa and Uncle Jake weren't very happy since they had been fishing the same hole for 24 hours.

After a snack, we moved to the next reservoir which meant endless trips to the car to pack and then unpack everything again. At this place, the boys actually got to wade in the water (which means sit down in it), so I made more trips to the car for dry clothes and jackets. No fish at this location, so we moved back to the original spot which means - you can see where this is going - more trips back and forth to/from the car.

The boys were surprisingly good sports for such a hectic day. I would post pictures, but we didn't take the camera. We took the camera BAG and FIVE lenses, but no camera. (And yes, I made three trips to the car to search for it.)

So, even with what felt like a broken toe, I'm sure that I got my exercise in for the day, and regardless of their challenges with [not] sharing toys and bottles and lap time, it was a GREAT day. I can't wait to fry up a couple of those trout that Bub (my special sasquatch) landed!

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Anonymous said...

And now you're coming camping this weekend, right? You are a trooper!
Can't wait to see you!