Sunday, July 20, 2008

A little too "blog stalker?"

So, last week, I was doing my monthly Meals On Wheels delivery when I drove past a house having a rummage/yard sale. (I love them. I rarely buy anything because - let's face it - I don't need anything, sometimes the items aren't in good condition, and I never carry any money with me. But, all of this is not my point.)

Anyway, out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of a child in the yard and think "Hey! I've seen that little girl before!" I swear that it was the child of one of the lesbian mom bloggers that I anonymously read (although, IF by some odd chance she reads this and IF it was actually her house, it's not so anonymous anymore, it is?).

What a fun chance to sit and chat, right? Well, not really considering that
1) I've only met this woman one time and managed to speak to her long enough for an introduction and to briefly talk about running - combined total about 30 seconds,
2) I was on the clock (yes - my company pays for us to deliver these meals - another reason I LOVE where I work) and really needed to get back to my extremely important existence - after all, my system that maps processes just won't launch itself,
3) I wasn't entirely sure that it was actually the right kid, and
4) After actually driving around the block with intentions of shooting the breeze with her, I thought that it might be too BLOG STALKER for me to stop and strike up a conversation that might start with "I recognized your child from your blog..." CREEPY.
5) Oh, by the way, I SUCK at small talk. What the hell would I actually talk about? The weather? "Wow, f-in' hot today, isn't it?"

So, by the time I went through these five arguments in my head, I had circled the block and was quickly approaching the rummage sale again. Then, it hit me! I was driving the company's vehicle! ACK! For only the second time in my entire life, I was at the helm of A MINI-VAN. Even if I could get past issues 1-5, how in the world could I NOT look like a complete idiot pulling up in an empty Windstar? My stalking days were over before they even started. Oh well. With my luck, it wouldn't have been the person I thought, and I would have had to act like I was really browsing for something to purchase. My acting skills are about as good as my "small talk" skills.

For the record, the ONLY other time I've driven a mini-van was also for Meal delivery. Hopefully, it will never happen again. (Yet another reason that Bub and I decided that two kids was enough...)

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