Friday, August 22, 2008

Shock collars?

Today, a lady on the bus was telling me stories of raising her twins. She scared the bee-jeebies out of me!

18 month old kids climbing chain link fences; two year olds maneuvering the garage door to sneak out of the house; three year olds letting the family dog out of the house and then going to look for it; four year olds “cooking” beans which resulted in a fire on the stove.

The good news is that she is nice and seems sane, so there is hope for us yet! However, I’m wondering if I should invest in some shock collars as the boys are getting extremely mobile and smarter by the minute. Do they make shock collars for kids or do I just need to go to the pet store and alter them to fit?

On second thought, maybe I should get a shock collar for HER! She’s freaking me out.

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