Sunday, November 30, 2008

I know I'm supposed to.....

Instead of the obligatory "I'm thankful for..." post that I know I'm supposed to write, I'm just going to post a couple of new pictures of the boys in the store today.

In case you're wondering, yes - I am thankful for oodles of stuff, but these pictures are more fun than a long list of things - especially when these little people (and the big person pushing the cart) top the list. It's all about love, baby. THAT I am supremely thankful for.


qweirdutah said...

wow. they've gotten so big. and they are still so cute.

Brian & Jenny said...

I can't believe how big they are. they are still as adorable as ever. Your post about the parade was hilarious. I know what you mean about never forgetting to wear the bra.

Happy Holidays!!