Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time and perspective

Time #1: The fall time change is stupid. The spring time change is stupid. Both of these things are downright MEAN things to do to families with little kids. Schedules all out of whack. Tired and grumpy, whiny and disorganized... and the boys are all messed up, too! But, we managed to have a great time today. We played, and played, and tickled, and marched, and danced, and learned to do flips off of mommy's legs, and played with tupperware, and pulled books off of the shelves about 17 times, and banged on the piano, and helped with laundry, and fed the dogs, and dumped dog food everywhere, and took the dogs for a walk, and pulled the cat's tail, and read stories, and finally went to sleep. Can't go wrong spending the day with the men you love!

Time #2: It took me longer to drive the six blocks to the county building and find a parking spot (right in front) for early voting than it did for me to actually vote. Contrast that to North Carolina where two of my BFFs - IsabelleV and AlysenQ - waited in line for 6 1/2 HOURS to cast an early vote! Luckily, they were in line with M.E., their handsome husband. Can't go wrong spending the afternoon with the man you love!

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Isabelle said...

It warms my cockles that you mentioned me. As a side note: reports from the Seniors in the neighboring county where I work was that the lines have been just as long there (tho they all voted from their cars. A small perk of being a senior). Regardless of who people support, its great that they are finally using the voice that so many others have fought for us to have!!