Monday, January 5, 2009

Circus freaks

Christmas decorations were boxed up in record time at our house this year. Typically, we leave them up until the new year, but a couple of things hastened the un-decorating of 2008.

First, toddlers love, love, love to plug holiday lights in - a hundred times per day - and I've been told that many people frown upon little people playing with electrical outlets. Me? I was only shocked a few times as a kid, and I'm fine, so is it really that bad? Peanut was the worst, and I just continually imagined him lit up and his skeleton glowing like in cartoons. Or maybe that's why his hair is always standing up; he's the guy in the circus who carries an electrical current in his body all of the time and can turn a light bulb on just by touching it.

Second: the vegetarian glass eater. I'm not kidding. Meatball could be his own little circus act. The boy eats ANYTHING vegetable - and I mean ANYTHING!!!!! A few days ago, I was finishing my dinner (squash and whatever) while Bub was feeding the boys some banana pudding for dessert. The little Meatball actually chose my squash over the pudding. SO, if that weren't freaky enough, I was changing Peanut's diaper and heard a crinkling noise. Thinking it was just paper (since we now love to draw), I wasn't too concerned. However, just seconds later, I walked into the kitchen to find Meatball munching a glass ball bulb ornament. I became a bit alarmed. No harm done, but we didn't wait around to see what would happen next. The tree came down pronto!

Then, if you add in Bub's Sasquatch sized feet and my enormous ass.... Just add a tent, and you've got a show!