Sunday, March 15, 2009

So, I saw it going differently in my mind....

Our little friend, R, had a birthday this weekend. He turned two. We had a blast running around and scraming and throwing snow and looking at the chickens. At the end of the night, the Meatball and the Peanut were so very tired. They were in bed for about three nano-seconds before falling fast asleep. So, we thought that we would try a similar tactic today. After naptime, we decided to go to the park. Of course, everyone other family in town without a swing set in their backyard was there, too. So, we had to wait our turn for the swings. You would think that Peanut's world had fallen apart. So, after finally swinging forEVER, we walked around the basketball court where some boys were playing. Peanut just kept whining "basss, basss, basss...." So, we went to the car to get a ball. Then, they just screamed at each other and fought constantly over the ball. The slides were another fun experience. Snotty-pants-little-girl kept telling me that they should go down the baby slide not the big kid slide. Then, when we decided to finally go down the baby slide, she blocked the way and wouldn't move - even after I asked nicely a couple of times. She was quite a little stinker. OH - and don't even mention ROBERT! His parents didn't really seem to care where he was or what he was doing, so when he would wander into the path of either of the swings while sucking on his sippy cup, we would have to try to grab the swings or change their paths or scootch him out of the way before he would get plowed over. His parent's response? "Oh, he'll just get hit in the head a couple of times and laugh about it." C'mon! Maybe we should stick to the park when the weather is miserable. Nobody else is there, we don't have to share or wait our turn, we don't have to keep track of other people's kids, and we're not appalled by a four-year-old's lack of tact and manners. (Parenting is hard.)

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