Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rachael Yamagata in concert

So, this was a new experience. A very generous friend bought the tickets for us. We spent the entire day trying to find a sitter. Finally, we caved in and asked grandma and grandpa who, of course, said yes - because they always do because they completely rock. Finally, we made it into SLC and met for a drink just blocks from the concert venue. Then, after walking to the theater (the Avalon in SoSaLa), we waited for over an hour for the doors to open. Bummer since it was cold and the show should have started already. Finally, the doors opened, and we went inside. I've never been to the Avalon, but it was what I expected.

The show was not. I've heard RY's stuff - not a lot, but some. The openeing acts were good. The first was a local guy, the second was from Colorado when really great lyrics, really mellow both.

RY opened her set with her new hit (which is really good), but it's very, very, very slow and mellow. Not what I expected. And the stage was completely covered in silk flowers. It was odd - especially since most of her music is rockin and her lyrics are like Alannis-Morrisette-pissed-off. The flowers were weird. Even our generous friend - who is a big fan - agreed that the flowers were toally out of place.

But, it was a good concert, and big thanks to SB for inviting us.

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