Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chipmunk Hunting

We went fishing again last weekend. And, by “we” I mean that Bub fishes and the boys and I play around. So, on this particular day while she was catching 18” albino trout at Potter’s, the boys and I decided to take a walk and look for chipmunks. The last trip to Potter’s had included chipmunk watching (since the little creatures were eating the peanut butter sandwich, potato chips, and other various treats that the boys had dropped all over the place), and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it. So for this trip we climbed over logs and walked along the path whispering the entire time (no small feat for two 2-year olds!). Each time we would hear a bird sing or a chipmunk/squirrel/groundhog chirp, we would stop and look into the closest tree trying to find something. Yes, I know. Most of the time, the creature was probably several yards or trees away, but that didn’t stop us from looking. Then, we came upon two very large holes in the path. A family of 372 chipmunks would have a hard time filling up these holes, but that didn’t stop us from stopping, crouching down, and whispering “Here chipmunk. Come out, chipmunk!” Which eventually turned into “Chip-monkey, chip-monkey! Wheh ah you, chip-monkey?” from the little Peanut. Then, we spent about 45 minutes putting handfuls of dirt into the holes, waving at mommy, and cheering for her as she landed some niiiiice fish.

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