Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Excuses, excuses

I thought that bedtime excuses started a little bit later in life, but they are in full force in our household. And, none of those silly I-need-a-drink-of-water excuses for Peanut!

“I go see mommy.”
“OK – go give mommy a kiss.”
“I go see cat.
“No, you don’t need to see the cat.”
And, the sense of urgency increases.
“I go see Lizzy.”
“No, Lizzy is fine.”
Desperation sets in.
“I go see gack-ume (vacuum). I go see gack-ume! Goo night gack-ume! Goo night! Bye, fee-ann (fan), bye! Goo night fee-ann!"

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