Saturday, May 1, 2010

Favorite moments of "Vegas with Toddlers"

When Peanut jumped into the pool, went totally underwater, came up and yelled "Vegas, baby!"

When Meatball and I did "The Twist" to the music outside of the Jimmy Buffet restaurant. We even danced with some little old lady who taught us a new move.

When Peanut actually ate an entire meal (even though it was fast food, he ate the whole thing).

When Meatball looked out of our room at the city and said "This is our playground."

When Peanut actually told us that he had to pee in the potty (of course, by the time we got him out of the car, his seat was all wet).

When Meatball said (about 100 times to any helicopter flying by) "Harold, I have an idea!"

Running approximately six miles on the strip. I don't know the actual distance yet, but if it was six miles, I totally rocked my pace.

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