Thursday, May 20, 2010

funnier than ....

Oh my! These boys are hysterical.

Story #1:
The boys were playing when Peanut did something that Meatball didn't exactly agree with so he says "Really?!? Don't you think that's kinda' dorky?"

Story #2:
For whatever reason, the boys had spilled water all over the kitchen floor. Peanut, in his usual style, was running circles around the house when he slipped in the water and fell on his butt. "Man! This water just pisses me off," was his response.

Story #3:
Bub took the boys for a walk today. When they got home, the boys wanted to keep going.
Mom Bub: "Well, why don't we wait until mommy comes home and maybe she will take you for a walk. How does that sound?"
Peanut (after careful consideration): "yeah, that sounds good. She's a great girl!"

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