Monday, October 18, 2010

fire fighter for an hour

We were headed home from the park one Saturday and passed the town's fire house. All of the engines were on display as well as various other rescue vehicles, the fire station was open, people were milling around, and kids were spraying the fire hoses. We stopped, of course, and had a cookie, watched a Ses*me Street movie about fire safety, got new pencils, and sprayed the fire hose! Peanut was all over the hose, but Meatball was a bit hesitant. He had to "help" mommy spray it before he would take it over on his own. It was pretty cool; the engines are amazing!

Not a great quality picture, but they got to sit in the driver's seat and talk on the walkie-talkie!!! It was pretty cool.

Meatball finally takes control of the hose.

You're not a fireman until you scrinch your nose up against the glass.

Gimme that hose! No hesitation, that boy.

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