Monday, November 1, 2010

First night in Canada

I missed Bub and the boys before I ever even left the house. The day was long, and the flights were longer. Seated across the aisle from me was a young mother with an 18-month old girl who just wanted to get up and walk around. Occasionally, young mother would let her. It scared me to have that little girl even a few seats away, but I may have been the only one. Seated right in front of me was an older lady who talked non-stop to the woman next to her, tickled the little girl when she would wander around, told the entire plane that she was on an emergency trip (although none of us know what the emergency was), and reprimanded young mother for the fact that little girl was still drinking from a bottle. I was so happy that the seat right next to me was a 17-ish year old guy who just wanted to listen to his iPod. Flight #2 was aboard a very small plane which seated 50 people. I thought of Bub the entire time. She would have been in a state of complete panic and white-knuckle terror. The drive from Toronto to Burlington was complete good luck since the directions give to me by M*pquest full-on sucked. I drove past my hotel three or four times before I realized what I was doing. I’m driving a Prius, which is nice, but weird – there aren’t even keys or a gear shift. It took me two minutes to figure out how to put it into park! I talked to the Bub and the boys right after I got to my room. Then, I cried. Then, I headed to the hotel treadmill to pound out four miles putting me at approximately 73 miles for the month – a far cry from the goal of 100. Then, after I finally ate, I sat down to do some work only to find out that I don’t have the right internet connection. SonOfA……. I could do some homework, but I decided not to. I just decided to go to sleep and tried not to miss my guys too much.

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