Friday, February 11, 2011

Did I mention that HCF needs your help?

Yup - I'm running another marathon while raising money for Huntsman Cancer Foundation. So, FAMILY MEMBERS (and friends, of course), you can donate here to honor the memory of my mom who - let's admit it - was friggin' awesome. I've never met anyone since her who gave so freely of her time by volunteering for everything (scouts, 4-H, PTA, more 4-H, church, EMT, even more 4-H, secret Santa, and just an ear to listen when someone needed it). She was truly the best!

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Ky said...

It's official - I am no longer a lurker on your blog. I am leaving my first comment to show you that I was here :) Good for you running the marathon and for such a great cause. I ran 2 half marathons and almost destroyed my knees. I am now limited to swimming and cycling.