Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's cookies - 2011

We were busy on Sunday making what seemed like 9000 cookies for Valentine's Day. I seriously need to remember to halve this recipe or something.

I always let the boys do whatever they want - crack eggs (then I fish out the shells), sift flour (then I sweep), sprinkle the little doo-dads (then I sweep again), roll the dough (they each have their own rolling pins), and cut the shapes (with complete disregard for efficient use of space which drives me crazy). But, it's always fun. Always!

At one point on Sunday, Peanut rolled out his own dough to about 1/2" thick. Then, instead of using a cookie cutter, he just imprinted his entire face on the dough. We chucked that piece of dough in the garbage since he's been sick for over a week. (That's why we ONLY had 9000 cookies.)

Then, Meatball was sifting flour. It should be noted here that he doesn't pay attention to anything. He's oblivious to impending physical dangers which is why he is constantly walking into doorknobs, pinching his fingers, and falling off of his cooking stool - which he did WHILE sifting! Here's the result:

I like to think that I learn (slowly, but surely), so we did sprinkles over the sink this time. Smart move on my part because we dropped the sprinkle bottles a few times - they went right into the sink! Here's the Peanut:

and the Meatball (yes - he still has flour on his shirt):

And, where is that pesky camera when you need it? Yes - we've lost another one. Thank goodness for my phone camera, even if the quality is sketchy.

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