Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh, dear...

Meatball upon looking out the bay window at someone we don't like a whole lot: George is a dink!
Me: Honey, dink is not very nice. Please use nice words.
Meatball: Mom, I've got this under control.

Peanut upon waking up and seeing spring snow: What the hell is all this?
Me: Sweetie, hell is a naughty word. Please say heck instead.
Peanut pointing out the window: But, what the hell is all this? It's supposed to be spring!
Me: What happens in spring?
Peanut: Flowers grow, we can play outside, and we get birthday presents!

Boys, oh boys - I love you SO much!!!

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Brian and Jenny said...

Thanks for these great posts. They make me smile! Your boys are getting so big. Are they really old enough for homework?