Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter, 2011

We had a GREAT Easter!

Meatball coloring eggs. He took it very seriously and was very patient so that he could get just the right color soaked into each egg.

Meatball just pulling faces at mommy.

Two adorable boys at the easter party (at Carol S's church). This was in the gym with games everywhere! Pin the tail on the bunny, bowling, clothes pin drop, fish pond, etc. etc. etc. Next door was a room full of crafts.

Peanut coloring eggs - not nearly as patient as Meatball - preferring to plop the eggs into the cups and splash dye on the table cloth (and self). There's a reason he wasn't wearing a shirt!

Peanut and the Bunny. So stinkin' cute!

Seriously adorable. Meatball and the Bunny.

By far, the two most handsome men that the Bunny saw that entire day - I'm sure of it. (By the way, they were sooooo good at the egg hunt! Not greedy at all, and Meatball even offered some of his eggs to a little girl that didn't get any! They shook hands with the Bunny and said "nice to meet you.")

Easter morning at our house was crazy. The Bunny couldn't leave eggs out because Sadie the dork dog would have eaten every one of them, so he visited our house last. He let the dogs outside and then hid the eggs. Peanut was up at about 5:15 to look for eggs. I made him lay on the couch with me and go back to sleep. Meatball was up 45 minutes later. They found all 60 candy-filled eggs amid screams of "EGGGGGGG!!!!!!" and squeals of delight. (Don't worry about their teeth. I'm eating the candy faster than they every could. I'm doing it for them. Really.) Then, we sat down to Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. We went to Papa and Nana's shortly after where there was another egg hunt, lots of bubble blowing, craft painting, and some BBQ burgers. It was a great day.

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